Up until now: Law Graduate

Most people would write on their cover letter that they had an interest in Law since the beginning of time. For me, the beginning was quite incidental.

Of course, my interest grew overtime, otherwise I would not passionately commit to writing about this topic.

As a school kid, I must admit that I struggled with English Language. I disliked the lessons and my grades were demoralising. So when my older Sister suggested that I should choose A-Level Law, I was very reluctant to do so.

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This career path quickly became attractive to me. I was beginning to believe that my character, personality and intellect was designed so that I could become a lawyer. Dramatic, I know, but I believed this!

After completing my A-Levels, I decided to continue studying Law in University. Just to contextualise my dilemma, in 2010 following the Browne Review, the cap for tuition fees in the United Kingdom was raised to £9000 from £3,225. This meant that I will be in the first batch of students paying the higher course fee. Still unsure to this day why that did not stop me from committing to my three-year degree as I know that this affected many others.

The degree itself was challenging to say the least. As a Law graduate right now, I can’t say that I am fully prepared for legal practice, but I do believe that the academic approach enhanced my critical thinking skills.

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I studied European Law and the European Union at a critical point in English politics. Many of my seminars consisted of intriguing classroom debates. I chose to study Commercial Law as one of my optional units and by studying multiple areas of the law, I had a rough idea of what area I would like to work in. Needless to say, Law in practice may be different to the academics and I may find myself working in an area I did not enjoy studying.

So I do value my Law degree, but I must stress to those who did not study Law and wish to work in the industry, to not feel at a disadvantage.

An ideal situation for a Law student/graduate like myself looking to become a solicitor, is to secure a training contract with a Law firm. I am currently in the process of making training contract applications to a selected few Legal firms. I have also secured a place at The University of Law to study the Legal Practitioners Course (LPC) in September 2018.

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I will be writing about the training contract application process as well as questions regarding the LPC course.





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