Any experience is a valuable experience. I am a law graduate and I will be sharing my experience up until this point, in the hope that it may help or inspire aspiring lawyers.

I currently reside in Southampton, UK. I have completed my Law degree with a 2:1 and I am starting my LPC course in September 2018. I hope to write a lot more about my LPC experience because I know that it was something I researched and panicked about.

I will be going to the University of Law in Birmingham, and I chose this institute because I found the open day to be the most engaging of the few I attended. So I am looking forward to living and studying there.

I have bagged quite a few work experience opportunities over the years, and  I will share them in more depth in my blogs. I know that the University of Law offers quite a range of pro-bono work for students to be involved in, so I am keen on exploring those opportunites too.

I will also be attending my first assessment centre interview in July 2018, and hopefully I will talk about the success of that experience. The law firm that offered me the assessment has a great reputation and would be a solid training ground.

The goal is to secure a training contract, and if anyone has any legal experience that they would like to share, or any questions, please share your comments.

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